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Who doesn’t love babies? Welcome to the exciting world of Baby Nurseries, where you can get firsthand details and information on everything you need to create that special Baby Nursery. Leave a comment and share your experiences so we can all benefit as a community.

A Little About Me

I am an energetic, social butterfly that became a mom less than a year ago. My whole world changed as this new tiny little human being was now mine to care for and provide for. Being a mom has been the most rewarding experience for me thus far, and I hope my experiences grow as my little one continues to bring joy to our lives.

Prior to my little bundle of joy, I was a full-time employee. My passion is really just helping people to navigate the world around them, no matter how small the task may seem. As cliche as that sounds, that’s always been my lifelong dream, and I believe that can be accomplished right here at Nursery Essential.

Why I Want To Help Parents Like You

Being a new mom has its challenges and rewards. One of the most nerve-racking experiences was trying to figure out what I needed and didn’t need to ensure that my baby would be comfortable and safe in my own home. The Nursery is the highlight of any baby space. New moms especially, will go the extra mile to get the right color, theme and accessories for their little prince or princess.

With so many options and things to choose from, I was overwhelmed! How can I choose between lilac and lavender? Is there a difference? Does the difference really matter? This is an example of a simple, yet difficult question that can have expecting moms staying up late at night. Who wants to be stressed thinking about color schemes when you can barely handle the everyday pregnancy symptoms like back pain and nausea? I sure didn’t.

This is why I created this medium, where parents (yes dads can decorate the nursery too) can have a one-stop shop for all their nursery questions and find ideas that they would have otherwise not thought of. So go ahead, let us know your thoughts, and leave a comment. Or you just might find that one idea or item that will make your baby nursery complete.

Nursery Essential: Goals

As the name suggests, our primary objective is to provide necessary information and insight about having that special, unique baby nursery that you’ve always dreamed of. No matter how small or big the idea, we want to bring it to life here at Nursery Essential.

From Blog posts about common topics to Item selection, rest assured you can find what you need to complete that little special room in your house. Again, welcome to Nursery Essential, your one-stop shop for all your baby nursery needs.

Leave a comment with any questions or information you would like to share with our community.

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