Extra Wide Baby Gates – 4 Styles

Let’s talk about safety! If you’ve clicked on this post, then chances are your little one is almost ready to cruise around the house, or is already running around the house aimlessly.

If you’re looking for extra wide baby gates, I will give you some options that have excellent customer reviews and ratings. 3 of these options work great for spaces that are extra wide and the other is perfect for the stairs.

Protecting our little ones should be our utmost priority, and putting in these safety gates is a great way to keep them away from harmful items and areas of the house.

1. 192-inch Adjustable Extra Wide Baby Gate + Play Yard

This is described as a 4-in-1 deal! We’ll talk about the Play Yard later.

This gate can be used to:

  1. Section off one side of a room from another

    1. This is the standard use for most baby gates. It can also section off one whole room from another if there is no door in between.
  2. Section off the fireplace

    1. This is awesome because we all know babies love to “play with fire”. By just sectioning off the fireplace, your little one can roam freely and have more space to run around and play.
  3. Section off the stairs

    1. Even though there are specific baby gates to block off the stairs (discussed below), this baby gate can be used to block off the base of the stairs instead of the top. This prevents children from climbing up the stairs.
  • Dimensions

    • This is an Extremely Wide gate and extends up to 192 inches in width. It stands 28 inches high so it’s pretty tall as well.
    • This is perfect for bigger houses or rooms, and you never have to worry about finding a gate to fit such a wide space.

  • Unique Features

    • Converts to a Play Yard – no extra tools required to assemble.
    • This is a 2-in-1 feature as you don’t have to buy a separate play yard or play pen. Plus this one is bigger than most play yards on the market.
    • Also adjustable to fit angled opening and doorways.
    • Another great feature is that it can fold quite easily for storage. This is important as you don’t want the headache of trying to pull down your baby gate just for a temporary time.
  • Safety

    • Safe for babies up to 24 months old.
    • Includes a door with a safety lock so your little one can’t open it.

The package contains all you need to attach the gate to the wall, so no need to buy additional tools for set up.

2. Evenflo Expansion Walk Thru Room Divider Gate

This is a top pick from Amazon.

This gate easily fits into a wider passage space. It works great for spaces that are bigger than a door.

It comes in 2 colors – Espresso and Tan Wood. The gate is made from both plastic and wood.

  • Dimensions

    • The width measure 24 – 60 inches
    • The height measure 23.6 inches.
  • Unique Features

    • The safety gate can be opened from both sides.
    • Gate swings open in both directions.
    • Can easily fit into small spaces because the gate can retract very easily.
  • Safety

***Not for use at the top of the stairs***

Hardware mounting items are included in the package as well. Great Option for those smaller spaces with a wide opening.

3. Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Gate

This gate is designed for use at the top of stairs, hallways, doorways.

  • Dimensions

    • The width spans from 29 inches to 42 inches.
    • Height stands the tallest at 30 inches but can provide protection for 33 inches if mounted 3 inches above the floor.
  • Unique Features

    • Quick installation – about 15 minutes.
    • Also swings in both directions – easy access from either side of the gate. You can set this feature.
    • One-hand handle keeps your other hand free to bring baby or other items.
    • Slam-latch feature – quickly slam the door to lock it and keep baby out.
  • Safety

    • 4-point mount provides safe and efficient assembly.
    • Color-lock indicator – red or green tells you if the gate is locked securely.


  • Installation tools required to set up baby gate – electric drill and drill bit for example.

4. North States Deluxe Decor Baby and Pet Metal Gate + Extension

This is one of the most sturdy baby gates out there.

It is made of heavy-duty metal, so it has quite a bit of stability.

It gives you a lot of control over the size of your baby’s play space.

  • Dimensions

    • Gate can stretch as wide as 71 inches, plus an additional 15 inches with the extension.
    • Height measures 30 inches.
  • Unique Features

    • Auto-close function makes it very convenient
    • Can use a total of 6 extensions, up to 13 ft
    • Door swings in both directions
  • Safety

This is a great option but a little more on the pricey end. But you do get more width and stability with this one, so it only makes sense that it costs more.

Safety and Stability are Key

Whichever baby gate you choose, it should be the one that fits your home specifically.

Don’t go buying a top of the stairs baby gate to block off a room in your house. And vice versa.

Being mobile is a major milestone in a baby’s life, a time when the last thing they want to do it feel restricted.

However, because of the dangers all around the house, it is best to close them off from certain areas to prevent them from getting hurt.

Get your baby gate, try it out to see how it fits with your home. Safety is Key.

Do you plan to get a baby gate for your mobile baby? Did you get one in the past? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Thanks for reading:)


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8 thoughts on “Extra Wide Baby Gates – 4 Styles

  1. Jessica Simmons July 10, 2018 at 1:45 am

    Hi I really like your website and I think you did a fantastic job! The visual is great and so are the plug-ins.

    • Shantaye July 16, 2018 at 3:37 pm

      Thanks for taking the time to check out my website Jessica. I hope you found some interesting articles that you can share with friends and family. Thanks again.

  2. David Williams July 10, 2018 at 2:20 am

    I love it! All our children are grown but I remember way back when…there wasn’t anything out there like this! We laid chairs on their sides. I like the fact that you have gone into detail about them with all the dimensions and all the features. I also like the fact that some give information that are better for certain groups or age ranges than others. Love it!

    • Shantaye July 16, 2018 at 3:38 pm

      Thanks so much David. Glad you appreciated all the detailed information. Chairs work quite well until your baby figures out how to make their way up, around and under them haha. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. lynne July 10, 2018 at 2:38 am

    Holy smokes! I have never seen a baby gate as long as that first one! Amazing! I wish some of these baby gates were around when my kids were little. I could’ve definitely used a longer one to section off the room. How is the stability on that really long one?

    • Shantaye July 16, 2018 at 3:42 pm

      Yes that first one is extremely wide and you don’t often see baby gates that wide. It is actually pretty stable because it’s made from all steel. So it would be a bit difficult for the baby to knock the gate down. Hope that helps.

  4. Kay July 10, 2018 at 2:50 am

    The 192-yard baby gate is incredible, I imagine it could fence of a whole room so you can let bub run free, while keeping the yard or the kitchen off limits. Great collection of baby gates, thanks for this!

    • Shantaye July 16, 2018 at 3:44 pm

      Yes that’s what I absolutely love about the extra wide gate. Your baby can have a really big space to roam free, so they don’t have to feel confined to a tiny space.

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