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How Often Should I Bathe Baby – How Much is Too Much?

Can you ever bathe your baby too much? What about bathing your baby too little? Do you even give thought to how often you bathe your baby? Do you keep track of how many baths your baby has per week?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, then you are not alone. If you’ve asked yourself the question, “How often should I bathe baby?”, you can find the answers right here.

People are raised in different cultures and have certain norms that are specific to their culture. So everyone will have a different perspective on the matter.

When I first had my baby, I never once thought about the frequency of baths, and I’ll explain why below so read on to hear more.

What Do the Professionals Say?

baby boy bathingNow, almost every medical professional I’ve been to has said I should only be bathing my son a few times per week. So bathing him every day was a “NO NO” for them.

Taking too many baths can dry out the skin and can be less effective for babies with extra sensitive skin.

To make matters worse, my son often had regular rashes on his body and face and the doctors suggested that because of this, I should stop bathing him every day (which I was doing).

I only wanted what was best for my son, and wanted these rashes to go away, so I definitely considered what the doctors were saying.

What Did I Do?

bathing baby

I think for the first day or two after the doctor, I decided to try it out and bathe him every other day, with sponge baths in between. But it just didn’t sit well with me.

Ok so back story, I’m from the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica. And taking daily showers/baths was not an option. Furthermore, during school days, we had to bathe twice a day, morning and evening!

So it’s been instilled in me at an early age that taking a shower every day is just what we do. And I’ve grown to know this as “normal”. However, since I’ve lived on this side of the world (aka North America), I’ve come to realize that daily baths was not necessarily the norm, especially in colder places.

So I went back to daily baths with my son because I just thought it wouldn’t harm him in any way. Actually, for about a week or so, I gave him 2 baths per day because he wasn’t very fond of it.

So in an effort to “make him” get more accustomed to it, I gave him 2. This helped a lot because he now loves bath time. Plus, I ensure that he’s properly moisturized after baths so his skin doesn’t dry out.

Now though, he’s back to one full bath per day and I wipe him down (very mini sponge bath) every night before bed.

His morning baths are so much fun because we play with toys, read a book and I allow him to splash around as much as he wants.

At bedtime, we dim the lights, and a use a small basin with warm water, and I just wipe him down then put him to bed.

Forming Good Habits

This is a very important aspect of the whole process. baby bathing

The saying “Children live what they learn” very much applies in this case. It’s very important that you instill good self care habits in your child, so that when they get older, it will become a part of their daily routine.

Whether you bathe your child every day or every other day, it’s crucial that you teach them the reason behind taking showers and other self care activities.

They might not see the benefits now, and might hate taking baths, but trust me, your child will thank you for what you did when they get older.

Bonding With Baby

Bath time should be fun for both baby and parent. And parents should take this time to form strong bonds with their baby.

bonding with baby during bath time

This is a memorable moment for our little ones and they usually look forward to bath time. So take this opportunity to spend quality time with your babies. Take those extra minutes to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Your baby is only so little once, so take every chance you get to build up your relationship.

Professional Opinion or Cultural Norms?

To be honest, this is a personal choice. Every parent is different and every parent knows what’s best for their child.

But if you want expert opinion, it is recommended to only bathe your baby a few times each week to prevent drying out their skin.

baby bath

While this advice works well for babies, remember that as your child gets older, you can slowly start giving them daily baths. This will increase the chances of your children growing up to be adults who like taking showers/baths.

No one likes to be around someone with bad body odor, and no one wants their kids teased at school for “smelling bad”.

So please parents, explain to your children the importance of keeping their bodies clean, and engage them physically as well.

How often did you bathe your baby? If expecting, how often are you planning to bathe your baby? Share your answers below in the comments and we can discuss.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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4 thoughts on “How Often Should I Bathe Baby – How Much is Too Much?

  1. Nigel June 11, 2018 at 6:22 am

    They say the age to have a bonding impression on your child is between 1months – 4 yrs .Great content for parents or expected mothers

    • Shantaye June 12, 2018 at 1:21 am

      Wow, thanks for sharing that helpful tip regarding the bonding years. That’s really an impressionable age range and bonding moments will be cherished by kids and parents alike.

  2. steve Spangenberg June 11, 2018 at 6:58 am

    Awesome – I have 3 and bathed them all! Good info for parents starting out!

    • Shantaye June 12, 2018 at 1:23 am

      Thanks for reading Steve! Many new parents have no idea where to begin with so many things. I just wanted to ease their fears a bit and give some useful, handy tips. Thanks again.

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